Education about historical cartography is provided by Prof. dr. Dr. Bram Vannieuwenhuyze and Jansonsius curator Peter van der Krogt and is part of the study programmes of the Department of Book Studies, part of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam.

There are courses offered in both the Bachelor and the Master classes:

  • The Bachelor course Maps and Atlases as a Culture Medium is part of the minor track in Book Studies within the Faculty of Humanities, but can also be taken as a separate optional course. The course offers a broad introduction to the methodological aspects of map history research and highlights the most important evolutions and trends in the history of cartography, in particular of the Low Countries. In addition to attending lectures and taking an examination, the students also make some assignments in which they work with original material.
  • Within the Masters in Book Studies students can opt for the Historical Cartography study path. In the first semester students follow a number of general subjects as well as the seminar Map Analysis and Historical GIS, in which a number of individual assignments and collective research projects on historical map materials are set up.
  • Students can also follow the tutorials in Historical Cartography or History Maps.
  • In the second semester students do an internship at an institution with an old map collection and conduct their own map history research that culminates in the Master’s thesis..

Furthermore, Allard Pierson regularly arranges the eight-part volunteer course Historical Cartography to professionals and volunteers who are interested in the history of cartography. Teachers are Jansonius curator Peter van der Krogt, Prof. Bram Vannieuwenhuyze, and curator cartography and travel Reinder Storm. More information can be obtained from Allard Pierson.